Every cancer has a symbolic colour.
They all deserve to be seen.
The DIY challenge is a great way to impact the cancer area that means the most to you.
Just use the symbolic cancer colour to support, pick your passion and start your fundraiser!


Use your talents to raise critical funds.


No fundraising minimums |
No registration  fees

The pandemic has changed the way we fundraise but cancer diagnoses continue to rise. We must maintain momentum. 

Your DIY fundraiser will support millions of people living with cancer here in Canada and around the world. 

Start your fundraiser from home by simply doing what you love. From cooking to yoga to running, all is welcome and all will make a difference.

There are no minimums, no fees and you can allocate the funds to the area of research you choose. 

Ready to help us Conquer Cancer?

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Starting your own DIY Challenge is easy

Start your fundraiser from home by doing what you like to do. From cooking classes, to baking to yoga and running. All is welcome and all will make a difference. Not ready to showcase your talents? No problem. Simply start fundraising.

Pick a Passion

Pick something you love to do and
get started.

Customize Your Page

Personalize your fundraising page so
people far and wide can support.

Promote Your Page

Tell your friends about your fundraiser on
social and challenge them to start one too.

Colourful ideas to get you started

Your activity and your impact are your choice. No matter what you choose to do you'll be making a big difference, but here are a few suggestions:

Get green highlights to
support liver cancer

Suggested donation:
$25 per highlight.

Difficulty level:
Easy to moderate.

Bake pink cookies to
support breast cancer

Suggested donation:
$5 per cookie.

Difficulty level:
Moderate. Show off those skills.

Paint nails purple to
support pancreatic cancer

Suggested donation:
$5 per hand.

Difficulty level:
Super easy.

Make teal bracelets to
support ovarian cancer

Suggested donation:
$20 for each bracelet made.

Difficulty level:
Moderate-hard. But so worth it.


Symbolic Cancer Colours: A DIY Guide

Pink for Breast Cancer

Light Blue for Prostate Cancer

Purple for Pancreatic Cancer

Pearl or White for Lung Cancer

See More Colours ▼

DIY and help millions of people living with cancer

It doesn’t matter how you get there, you can walk, ride, bake, make or build to raise funds. All proceeds go to the same place, The Princess Margaret. From there, they will directly support the scientists and researchers who lead the way in global cancer care. And the best part is, you choose the area of research that those funds are directed to.

DIY Impact




Join the challenge and then challenge your friends on social. Tag all your pics so we can see and support you!